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About MySep

What is MySep?

MySep is process engineering software for the design, evaluation and simulation of separation vessels such as separators and scrubbers. MySep enables the user to effectively determine vessel sizes, select internals and assess the associated overall performance of each vessel. Furthermore, MySep can also be used to evaluate an existing design and determine its theoretical performance based on actual or simulated operating data.
MySep can be used independently and in conjunction with process modelling software such as Aspen HYSYS®, UniSim® Design, Petro-SIM™, VMGSim™ and ScimSci™ PRO/II. Interfaces to these process simulations allows each vessel to be rapidly designed for process requirements or existing units can be simulated in detail and separator performance results can be returned directly to the process simulator.


What is the power of MySep?

MySep answers questions and increases efficiency for both the design engineer and his company. To name a few:
  • Predict and assess the performance of new and existing separators. Be in the know.
  • Reduce engineering hours and costs
  • Avoid re-engineering
  • Mitigate risk

How can I use MySep?

MySep is set up such that the user is effectively guided through the design steps in the most efficient manner. At the same time, all aspects of the design are accessible at any time.
The effects of user input on key aspects of the design (e.g. droplet sizes, performance, residence times, etc) are calculated immediately and shown to the user in real-time. This allows fast optimisation of the design. MySep has built-in correlations for prediction of mist fractions, droplet size distribution and separation efficiencies at the various separation stages within the vessel. Nonetheless, the user has the possibility to override these predictions. By entering overriding values and reviewing the effect on overall performance, the user obtains insight in the sensitivity of the design.