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Houston Seminar 2018  | 23 January 2018

Gathered Together... for Separation

A Seminar in the world capital of Oil & Gas for leading industry practitioners

MySep and Kranji Solutions hosted a broad-based gathering of process industry expertise in Houston, TX on January 23rd, 2018. The objective was to facilitate sharing of experiences and best-practice solutions in process phase-separation design, modelling and operations. Associated issues in heat exchange equipment were also featured.

The Worley Parsons Academy provided a first-class venue for the full-day program comprising presentations, software demonstrations and technical networking. This unique event was enjoyed by a capacity crowd of some 50 participants representing leading companies encompassing:

  • Upstream and downstream process operators:
    Chevron, BP, BHP Billiton, Conoco Phillips, ExxonMobil, Marathon Petroleum

  • Engineering contractors and service providers:
    Chiyoda, Bechtel, Modec, NOV, SBM Offshore, SNC Lavalin, Technip FMC, Universal Pegasus, Worley Parsons

  • Leading separation experts:
    Ken Arnold (Worley Parsons), Bob Chin (Consultant, former Shell), Ed Grave (Consultant, former ExxonMobil)

  • Process simulation software vendors and MySep partners:
    AspenTech, Bryan Research & Engineering, Honeywell, KBC, Schneider Electric, VMG

  • Separation Equipment Vendors:
    AMACS, BWFS Industries, Technip FMC

MySep Pte Ltd’s Cris Heijckers noted: “Our MySep software is demonstrably the best means of efficiently producing a design that is both appropriate for the process and based on sound modelling principles. This offers major savings in engineering time for EPCs and gives the operator assurance that equipment is actually designed to meet performance specifications. It was gratifying to witness such broad support for our approach, across a wide range of independent industry interests.”

The presentations covered:

  • Case studies of troubleshooting in refinery separation applications with MySep
  • Validation of program modelling through a specific campaign of laboratory testing by a global engineering company
  • Expert experience of troubleshooting and performance improvement spanning a range of Oil & Gas separation applications
  • Comparison of MySep modelling with alternatively-sourced methods from renowned industry specialists
  • Kranji Pte Ltd’s new service: Applying multi-phase CFD modelling for separation problem diagnosis, coupled with a vendor-independent custom-engineered solution
  • Recommended good design practice from leading separation equipment suppliers stressing the key role for MySep’s design and simulation.

Partnership with leading process simulation software was also showcased. MySep has long provided off-line links to leading simulation software such as:

  • Aspen HYSYS®
  • Petro-SIM
  • SimSci PRO/II
  • UniSim® Design
  • VMGSim

Last year MySep took the major step of investing in the provision of rigorous separator modelling inside steady-state and dynamic simulations, releasing a 2nd product: MySep-RunTime. Initially this has been available for AspenHYSYS and UniSim Design. The -RunTime capability was presented and demonstrated in action, on a dynamic model of an upstream production system.

At the Houston Seminar, Schneider Electric also unveiled the result of their investment to build an interface with MySep-RunTime allowing its rigour to provide value within the SimSci DYNSIM dynamic simulator.

MySep and Kranji Solutions are grateful for the strong support of customers and partners which allowed us to hold a first-class industry event. We see this as a milestone on our journey towards general recognition of MySep as the design and rating standard for process phase separation.