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MySep version 3.0.0 is released  | 19 May 2016

In this major release, significant new features have been added, such as Motion and Vessel weight. There are also numerous improvements and expansions to existing features, such as Simulator communications. As always, a great number of enhancements have also been made “under the hood”, to provide improved speed and stability. To highlight just a few of the improvements:

Motion (Beta)

The new Motion module enables time transient simulation and analysis of liquid level behaviour in the vessel as a result of motion of the facility (e.g. an FPSO). Warnings are shown if the moving liquid levels cause operational issues for the separation internals.

Vessel weight

The new Vessel Weight module enables estimate of vessel weight based on ASME VIII Div1, ASME VIII Div2 and PD 5500 vessel code, along with nozzles and internals weights. It is also integrated with the Auto-size module so that auto-sized vessel configurations can be compared and evaluated based on weight, as well a on size.


Simulator communications

This feature has been been greatly improved in terms of ease of use (including easy access from within MySep to multiple open cases in the simulator). Also two simulation programs (PRO/II, VMGSim) have been added to the list of simulator with which MySep can communicate bi-directionally: Aspen Hysys, Petro-Sim, SimSci PRO/II, Unisim Design, VMGSim.