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MySep version 5.0.0 is released  | 4 April 2019

This release brings distinct usage modes and additional internals configurations. Also, existing features have been enhanced and a host of improvements and have been made “under the hood”.

Watch the video below for an overview of this update.

Topic timings:

00:00 Introduction
00:15 Design mode and Rating mode
01:51 Additional internals configurations / device orientation
02:41 Operating liquid level and oil-water interface level input
03:24 Motion: Alarm and trip nozzle locations and warnings
04:05 Degassing calculations with plate pack
04:20 Override predicted phase inversion point
04:48 Agglomerator bottom elevation and flow area decoupled
05:22 Explanation of {D} and {R} in vessel lists
05:50 MySep-RunTime update