Troubleshooting Gas Compression System

MySep with Aspen HYSYS® and separation expertise from Kranji Solutions solved mal-performance issues which caused loss of production for an offshore gas compression system.  Savings of $60MM per year and a project payback time of < 2 months.

HYSYS Flowsheet with Separators and MySep Engine

Business Problem

On an offshore oil & gas production system the compressor polytropic efficiency and head were progressive reduced with time.  This resulted in reduced gas mass throughput in the export pipeline and associated reduction in oil production. The facility operating revenue was loss was equivalent to $60MM per annum.


Kranji solutions experts reviewed the client's real time historian data. Using the MySep Studio software and links to the Operator's Aspen HYSYS® process model which contained:

  • 1st stage separator
  • LP suction scrubber
  • HP suction scrubber
  • 2 compression stages
  • Intercooling

Detailed carry-over analysis of each separator also revealed the likelihood of emulsion in HP suction scrubber.


Using MySep Studio a retro-fit solution was devised to improve demisting capacity in the 1st stage separator.  For the suction scrubbers Kranji engineers proposed introduction of cyclonic demisting devices, in combination with an appropriate design of mesh agglomerator. This arrangement could deal with the high viscosity liquid resulting from emulsification of the heavy crude produced in the facility.

Carry-over and Process Compression

Carry-over of liquid can result in degradation of compressor performance over time with significant loss of production. Ultimately compressor failure can result.  MySep products can help you understand if this, or other separation issues, degrade the performance or increase operating costs in your processes.