MySep Expert

A subscription service giving rapid access to deep domain expertise on separation to support your design or performance evaluation projects 

MySep Expert Service

Expert Service Outline

A rating, design support and verification service, where your engineers can contact us for review of performance simulations or designs made with MySep software.  You will receive feedback in the form of comments and/or confirmation of designs, including suggestions for possible improvement. In the case of performance evaluations, we will provide expert assessment of predictions with comments on the accuracy and validity.  This will highlight features of your configuration where there may be sensitivity to process operating conditions. 

Step 1: Email your case files & supporting materials

Send the case files with your queries on a performance evaluation, a new design or revamp.  Share relevant process conditions, drawings and other relevant material. You may be looking for advice on how to improve a current installation or how to get the most optimum design. 

Step 2: Evaluation By MySep Separation Experts

Step 3: MySep Verified Results and Recommendations

You will receive a concise email response within 1 - 2 working days.  This will include guidance on the best way to model your case and recommendations on improvements that are possible in your application.