MySep Training

MySep training has been devised to give hands-on experience of rating existing equipment, remediating poor configurations and producing new greenfield designs. In addition, trainees gain insight into the physics of phase separation and good design practice.  The course will offer direct opportunity to size separation equipment (slug catchers, 2-phase and 3-phase separators, scrubbers, flare drums) and select suitable separation internals.  If your business focus is weighted to upstream or downstream, operations or design, we will tailor content to match.   Training can be offered in customer offices or online.


    Training Content

    MySep Training enables your engineering team to understand separation science and good practice while they build hands-on experience of using the software effectively.  The following key elements will be included:

    • Assessing performance, troubleshooting/debottlenecking existing equipment 
    • Common pitfalls in separator design and operation
    • Good design practice
    • Impact of inlet piping size orientation
    • Performance characteristics of the common separator internals
    • The importance of gas and liquid flow distribution
    MySep | MySep Hands-on Training Separator Design & Rating

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