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Software for Process Separators

The emerging industry standard

MySep software Goal

Separation is a critical operation in production, midstream and downstream processing facilities. Failure and malperformance are extremely costly. 

Our goal is to provide the industry standard for separator design & performance simulation

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Assured process performance, validation of vendor solutions, rigorous modelling in digital twins, more efficient project execution, reduced down time.
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Engineering Contractor

Accepted standard for design. Independent verification of vendor guarantee. Reduced project timescales and improved project execution. Increased know-how and design insight.
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Equipment Supplier

Recognition by industry for accepted design practice. Improved understanding of process constraints. Increased client confidence in proposed solutions.
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Process Simulation User

More realistic & robust simulations with physically-based rigour in separator unit operations. Dynamic & steady state modelling for design, optimisation of operation, trouble-shooting and operator training systems.
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MySep-Engine Dynamic Simulation with Hydrocarbon Dewpoint Specification

MySep Studio

Rigorous performance calculation for existing separators and new vessel designs.  Bi-directional communication with all leading process simulators

MySep Engine

Rigorous performance modelling embedded in steady state and dynamic process simulations

MySep Foundations

MySep software builds on over two decades of industry know-how, proprietary research and modelling. It has gained wide recognition by separation experts in leading Oil & Gas companies.

Schlumberger MySep Partnership

Schlumberger and MySep announce collaboration to integrate Symmetry process simulation with MySep leading phase separation modelling software, MySep Studio and MySep Engine. 

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