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MySep Digital Twin Survey Video:20 June 2024

This animated video summarizes results of a survey charting views of MySep customers on the value and application of process digital twins. As well as general opinion on simulation-based digital twins, survey respondent’s views are presented on rigorous separation modelling within process digital twins.

MySep Studio v6.0.2 Released: 26 May 2024

MySep Pte Ltd releases MySep Studio v6.0.2 This latest release includes new features and addresses a range of issues which became evident as the software has been rolled-out across the wide MySep user-community.

The development includes more demisting options and many enhancements to the vessel layout. There are several bug-fixes which greatly improve stability and robustness.

MySep Updates Newsletter: 19 December 2023

The December 2023 edition of the MySep Updates Newsletter leads with the October release of MySep Studio v6.0.0.  Ed Hernandez is introduced as our business development lead in Houston. A major feature celebrates the 10th anniversary of the company, with a summary of our special team trip to Paris. MySep’s business growth is discussed, touching on revenue and new customers.


MySep Studio V6.0 Released: 1 October 2023

MySep Pte Ltd releases MySep Studio V6.0. This is a “foundations-up” re-build of our flagship software product which has been developed over the last three years. MySep Studio V6.0 takes separation simulation and design to new heights by blending MySep’s incremental modelling and proprietary correlations with the speed and efficiency of a modern code base, all packaged within an intuitive and flexible user interface.

10th Anniversary & Launch of MySep V6.0: 17 August 2023

MySep selects Gastech in Singapore, and Offshore Europe in Aberdeen, both over 5-8 September 2023, as the launchpads for official global release of a ground-breaking All-New version of flagship product, MySep Studio. Read more about MySep's 10th Anniversary and about the ground-breaking features of the MySep Studio V6.0.

MySep Updates Newsletter: 12th April 2023

The April 2023 edition of the MySep Updates Newsletter features the upcoming Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) in Houston from 1 -4 May, which MySep will be attending. Additionally, MySep is celebrating its 10th anniversary and unveiling the beta test program for MySep Studio v6.0. This issue also highlights publication of an article on optimizing LNG processes for separation constraints. 


MySep Publishes Article in LNG Industry Journal: March 2023

“Turbo-charging LNG production in an uncertain world through the use of Digital Twins.” MySep’s Tom Ralston, and Philip Hicks of Pravo Consulting, describe how a digital twin, with MySep Engine embedded, can help identify and resolve bottlenecks in LNG processes. A technical article published in the March 2023 edition of LNG Industry journal.  

MySep appoints Asia-Pacific Business Development Manager: 3 January 2023

MySep announce the appointment of Avinash Ravendran as Business Development Manager for the Asia Pacific (APAC) Region. In this newly created position at MySep, Avinash will be responsible for driving strategic business partnerships to support the company’s growth and business strategy in APAC.

Oil & Gas Automation and Digitalization Conference: 8 –10 November 2022

 Attracting over 1000 virtual attendees with 30 top-flight presenters from across the Oil & Gas Digital Value Chain, this was a key event for those leading and tracking the industry’s digital progress and forward vision.  Tom Ralston presented to around 60 attendees on Realizing the Value of Digitalization for Oil & Gas Production.  A lively Q & A was followed by over 120 views of the recorded presentation.

Schlumberger Digital Forum 2022: 20 – 22 September 2022

 MySep exhibited with other Schlumberger technology partners in the Luzern Forum Openness Zone.  Introducing MySep’s integration with Schlumberger’s Symmetry process simulator was in perfect harmony with the event theme: “Connecting for a New Future”.  MySep’s display included a company introduction and a video exposition of the value of Production Digital Twins.  Both media emphasise how essential rigorous separation modelling of MySep Engine is to successful development of business value.  MySep’s Tom Ralston also presented in the scheduled programme of the Forum Openness Zone.

MySep Updates Newsletter: 10th August 2022

MySep participation in Gastech 2022 is trailed. Key updates on activities with partners KBC, Schlumberger, and AVEVA are featured – including reference to the July 2022 PRO/II release with newly introduced interfacing to MySep Engine. The MySep Margin Optimization Programme is introduced, referencing a simulation-based Digital Twin example, which demonstrates very significant revenue benefit. MySep’s Houston User Forum in June 2022 is reported as is the Company’s 2021 business growth. 


Presentation at Oil & Gas Digital Twin Conference 2022: 11 - 13 May 2022

 Using a production facility example, MySep’s presentation: Production Process Digital Twins, Real Value Mandates Modelling Rigour, captured the direct revenue benefit of utilising a Digital Twin, when augmented with MySep Engine separator models. An existing production operation was analysed to reveal separation constraints. A retrofit strategy was illustrated with a revenue increase potential of > $ 300 MM/year.

Joint KBC-MySep White Paper: Apr 2022

KBC and MySep jointly publish a white paper: Digital twin optimises FCC operations for real separator behaviour. Rodolfo Tellez-Schmill, KBC, Tom Ralston, MySep and Wim Moyson, MySep; show in detail how a digital twin with rigorous separator modelling can help optimise operations and avoid un-planned shut-downs. Using Petro-SIM, MySep Engine and MySep Studio software, different retrofit options for existing separation vessels are explored, to handle upgraded throughput and increased stream volatiles.     

Reference Link: Petroleum Technology Quarterly (PTQ), Q2 2022, P27-31

KBC- MySep Webinar Digital Twin for Refinery FCC: 27th April 2022

Digital Twin to Determine the Adequacy of FCC Unit Separators with Changing Operating Conditions: KBC’s Rodolfo Tellez-Schmill, MySep’s Wim Moyson and Tom Ralston, discuss how a digital twin incorporating rigorous separator modelling can help optimise FCC operations.  With over 60 attending the live event, the presentation showed how to deal with variations in operating conditions arising from environmental drivers and market trends towards increased petrochemical production. A Digital Twin in Petro-SIM was enhanced with MySep Engine separator models.  MySep Studio was used to provide retro-fit improvements to the separators in the Wet Gas Compression section of the FCC. Now available to view On-Demand.   

New Software Versions Released: 31st August 2021

Release of MySep Studio v5.1.0 and MySep Engine v3.1.0 announced.  This brings  MySep Studio support for OneDrive and new links to Schlumberger's Symmetry process simulator. Improved calculations and warnings for certain mesh pad configurations are included in addition to more accurate sand deposition calculations. MySep Engine is now available in two versions: the MySep Engine Extension for Aspen HYSYS® (AspenTech) and UniSim® Design (Honeywell); MySep Engine Application for use with Symmetry (Schlumberger) and Petro-SIM® (KBC/Yokogawa).    

MySep Newsletter: 23 August 2021

MySep’s August 2021 Newsletter leads with use of MySep Studio and MySep Engine software, for refinery applications.  New Alliances with leading Oil & Gas technology companies, KBC and Schlumberger, make MySep software more accessible to their customers. Newly developed MySep Web training is outlined.  The newsletter also discusses operator’s standardising on MySep as approved software.  Links are included to access more extensive information on topics. 


Schlumberger and MySep Announce a Partnership:  14 May 2021

Schlumberger and MySep announce a partnership that provides a joint solution, delivering unprecedented capabilities for the design and rating of separators, and for evaluating their impact on the overall system in the exploration and production (E&P), and across the process industries.

KBC & MySep Announce Partnership: 23rd February 2021

KBC (A Yokogawa Company) announces a partnership with MySep to deliver accurate and consistent results in separation of fluids into their oil, gas and water components for production facility process design, operation, and performance.

MySep Newsletter: 26th January 2021

Touching on the new MySep Web site and Customer Care Programme awareness sessions, our January 2021 Newsletter is a “must read” for those concerned about phase separation.  Two examples are presented illustrating the contribution our MySep Engine product makes to practical realisation of process operational digital twins.  Our recently announced alliance with Kongsberg Digital AS is outlined, and a couple of handy tips for the MySep Studio user are also included. 


OGV Innovation & Technology Annual 2021: 18th January 2021

The value of MySep Engine in process digital twins, is the focus of a feature in the OGV Energy, Innovation & Technology Annual, 2021.  The article summarises the application of production digital twins for optimisation of operations, design of process control systems and providing a platform for operator training systems.  The benefits of rigorous separator models in steady-state, and dynamic digital twins are discussed.

Kongsberg - MySep Alliance: 1st September 2020

Kongsberg Digital AS and MySep Pte Ltd have formed an alliance to provide fully rigorous separator modelling within K-Spice® dynamic simulation tool, the process twin in the Kognitwin Energy solution.  Customers with process optimisation or operator training requirements will be able to license MySep Engine directly from Kongsberg Digital.

MySep Training: 11th June 2020

MySep training has been devised to give new users hands-on experience of rating existing equipment, remediating poor configurations and generating new greenfield designs.  As well as learning how to use MySep software products, trainees gain insight into the physics of phase separation and good design practice. 

Training can be offered in customer offices or online.