Mysep 10th Anniversary and V6.0 Launch

MySep selects Gastech 2023 in Singapore and Offshore Europe 2023 in Aberdeen as the launchpads for official global release of an All-New version of MySep Studio V6.0

MySep Pte Ltd, the leader in innovative process engineering software for Phase Separator design and performance simulation, is celebrating its 10th anniversary year, in 2023, with the global release of a completely revamped MySep Studio. 

MySep Studio V6.0 Start
MySep Studio V6.0 Inlet Piping
MySep Studio V6.0 Cyclonic Demister
MySep Studio V6.0 Detail Liquid-liquid
MySep Studio V6.0 Motion Modelling
MySep Studio V6.0 Split Screen Function
Guy Hellinx MySep co-founder

Guy Hellinx, co-founding director

Regarded as the industry gold standard and a pioneer in separation modelling, we are thrilled to announce V6.0 at two strategically important locations; Singapore and Aberdeen. We started MySep as a dedicated process engineering software business in Singapore 10 years ago.  We were focused on helping our customers in optimizing processes constrained by separation, with good design practice and physically representative modelling.  We’ve grown our customer base from initially just a few operators to over 50 companies, including 8 of the 10 top international Oil & Gas operators and 5 of the 10 top international EPCs.  With V6.0 we’re redefining the industry standard for our customer’s future challenges in the decades ahead.

MySep Studio V6.0 Video Preview

Building upon the industry-leading features of its predecessors, MySep Studio V6.0 takes separation simulation and design to new heights by blending MySep’s incremental modelling and proprietary correlations with the speed and efficiency of a modern code base, all packaged within an intuitive and flexible user interface.

The short video shows previews some of the key features of the new user interface some.  Analysis is greatly enhanced by the ability to compare different sections in a vessel or even different vessels, on the user's screen. The option of 2-D or 3-D layout assists communication and will prove particularly valuable in in assessing the viability of revamp options for existing separation vessels.

MySep 10th Anniversary Badge

10th Anniversary of MySep Pte Ltd - Brief History

The independent separation consultancy Kranji solutions Pte Ltd is incorporated in November 2008. Kranji develop MySep software for in-house use, and subsequently licenses to the 1st commercial customer, ExxonMobil in July 2010. MySep Pte Ltd is spun out as a software business and incorporated in October 2013, the year in which the 10th commercial customer licensed software, Total E&P. 

  • July 2016: motion modelling added
  • September 2016: MySep RunTime brings rigorous gas-liquid modelling within HYSYS and UniSim simulations 
  • April 2019: separate Design and Rating modes
  • June 2020: rebranding - MySep becomes MySep Studio and MySep RunTime becomes MySep Engine
  • September 2023: Launch of MySep Studio V6.0 

Some Key Features of MySep Studio V6.0 

  • Proven Excellence: MySep Studio V6.0 continues the tradition of its predecessors, maintaining MySep's commitment to industry-leading incremental separation modelling and proprietary performance correlations. This version brings customers unique technology in a platform extensible for future needs.

  • Intuitive User Interface: Recognizing the importance of user experience in effective software utilization, MySep Studio V6.0 features an intuitive user interface which facilitates easy navigation and provides quick access to all key features.  The new project and vessel navigation tree gives immediate visibility across vessels and the ability to dive into any aspect of individual vessel analysis.
  • Fast and Efficient: MySep Studio V6.0 has been carefully designed and implemented in a modern code base with lightning-fast execution of file handling, Autosizing, sensitivity analysis, phase envelope rendition, vessel motion simulations and solid deposition calculations.
  • User Customizable: MySep Studio V6.0 offers extensive user customization options. Users can personalize design criteria for inlet momentum and other crucial operational limits. Additionally, the software allows for expanded customization of input and output units, with saveable preferences, companies and individual users can manage the engineering experience.
  • 3D Layout: MySep Studio V6.0 introduces a comprehensive 3D layout feature, enabling users to inspect the scale arrangement of vessel geometry in a full 3-dimensional viewer. This makes it easy to understand an communicate the arrangement of internals. 
  • Improved Analysis: MySep Studio V6.0 introduces significant enhancements in performance analysis. Users can now easily "dock" forms for different vessel sections side by side on the screen, offering a more comprehensive view. Both graphical and numerical results are displayed on all main analysis forms, providing a holistic understanding of the separation process. 

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