Engineering Contractor

Process Engineering Contractors offer Operators a range of services from consultancy studies to optimise parts of an operating process, to full turnkey Engineer Procure and Construct (EPC) projects for multi-billion dollar plants. 

For engineering contractors, the essential business drivers of reduced project timescales and improved engineering staff utilisation are inseparable from assuring performance guarantees are met.

All of the above mandate the use of effective engineering software that is accepted by clients. 


MySep Engineering Office

MySep Benefits for Engineering Companies

MySep’s standardised workflow provides the route to an optimum design through:

  • Unified company approach
  • Quick, independent verification of vendor design and guarantee
  • Easy client digital communication
  • Improved overall understanding of separation
  • Up-skilling of project teams

Greenfield Projects

For greenfield projects MySep Studio’s autosize capability guides the process engineer to a viable preliminary design. This can be rapidly optimised to achieve required performance and with MySep Engine in process simulations facilitates better overall optimisation. The detailed analysis of MySep Studio supports the life-cycle of the plant through FEED, detailed engineering and commissioning and potentially onward to upgrade study work.      


Brownfield Projects

For brownfield projects MySep Studio offers rating mode to model existing equipment and to explore up-grades and retrofit.  This supports upgrades or debottlenecking for upstream production, midstream or downstream processing.  The ability to quickly produce feasible vessel size and weight with limited process information allows you to avoid delay in reaching out to equipment suppliers for sizing estimates.

Project Lifecycle

MySep software supports project execution from conceptual through FEED to detailed engineering. Designs and media produced in conceptual and FEED can be re-used in the detailed phase as the basis for a fully optimised design.  Reducing dependence on vendors brings savings in staff effort and project time keeping the technical solution and schedule control in-house.

Design Video

See how MySep Studio 

helps with new-build design

Digital Twin

To understand the interaction of different unit operations on overall process performance, MySep Engine embedded in a process simulation, brings more rigour to heat and material balances. This integrated approach enables overall optimisation of design or operation. A digital twin, with a high-fidelity steady state or dynamic simulation, is frequently regarded as an essential project deliverable.  A rigorous digital twin can provide the basis of future projects to up-grade a process, or provide a platform for operator training.

Digital Twin Engineering