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Below we will provide a number of videos intended to show how to perform various work-flows, or project activities, with MySep Studio v6.0

The tutorials are numbered to correspond to sections in the MySep Studio User Guide which is installed with the software. This will be in a location on your computer like: C:\Program Files\MySep Studio v600\Guides. The tutorials below are not intended to cover all features documented in the User Guide.

MySep Studio Tutorial #5 1: Open a v5 Legacy File

This tutorial demonstrates how to open a legacy v5 project file from the start screen of the new User Interface. It shows the steps to browse to a legacy file and open as a project in the new UI.  The example project has two vessels and navigating both the project and vessel tree are demonstrated.

MySep Studio Tutorial #8.4: Import from a process simulation

In this tutorial we show how to import process data from an active process simulation, into a vessel within a MySep Studio project. The demonstration features Aspen HYSYS®, however, the workflow is common to all leading process simulators. The video touches on import of multiple cases from different simulations, and shows a quick preview of results and warnings. [Duration: 2:34]

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