MySep is used by leading Operators in Upstream, Midstream and Downstream Oil and Gas. It also benefits Process Operators in Petrochemicals and other Bulk Chemical Production.

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MySep Benefits for Operators

For operators, on-time start up and assured process performance are crucial business drivers. The industry-recognised good design practice, embodied in MySep Studio, provides the operator and their contractors a standardised approach to design and efficient project execution.

Where separation is vital to the process, MySep is pivotal to achievement of these objectives by:

  • Providing best-practice design
  • Validating vendor solutions
  • Embedding rigour in simulations for process optimisation (steady-state and dynamic)
  • Improving project execution through efficient Client-Contractor-Vendor collaboration.
MySep | Improved Client-Contractor-Vendor Collaboration
MySep | MySep Studio Scrubber Retrofit

Assured Performance

Lost production due to poor separator performance is also a major concern for operators.  MySep good design practice can avoid failures and un-planned down-time. 

Where operations have been up-graded or unavoidable process changes result in mal-performance, MySep Studio enables users to design reliable retrofit solutions.

Follow the link here to a case study where MySep Studio and process simulation software are applied in trouble-shooting a production compression system.


Read our download to learn more:

Just one of many applications where MySep products, working hand-in-hand with process simulation, bring key insights into process performance issues.  Here, separator mal-performance results in lost production on a gas compression system.  Find out more and download the white paper.