See benefits of MySep modelling featuring process applications and features of the products in the video links below  

MySep Studio for New Build Design

A step by step introduction to designing a production 3-phase separator with MySep Studio. Starting from a process simulation, use autosize, evaluate performance, export carry-over to simulation and generate a datasheet

MySep | MySep New Build Design 3-Phase Separator Video

MySep Engine in a Steady-state Simulation

MySep Engine allows users to access the rigour of MySep's gas-liquid separation modelling within process simulations.  The capability is available in HYSYS, UnSim, DYNSIM and further integration is under development by other leading simulator vendors.  Within a simulation of an offshore Oil and Gas production system see how a steady state model can be used to explore if the processing capacity can deal with a tie-back to a new well.

MySep | MySep Engine in HYSYS Steady-state Simulation Production Tie-back

Introduction to MySep Studio

For an offshore Oil & Gas Production application, this video steps through design of a 2-phase 1st Stage Separator, a 2nd Stage Separator with 3-phase capability and a Compressor Suction Scrubber.  The importance of inlet conditions and droplet size distributions on resulting performance is shown.  The effect of a plate pack coalescer on water-in-oil carry-over is shown as well illustrating the performance of demisting devices, such as mesh pads and vane packs.    

MySep | Design of Oil and Gas production separation sysytem

The value of MySep Engine in Process Simulations

In a dynamic simulation, the value of rigorous gas-liquid separation modelling is clearly revealed. The impact of carry-over in a low temperature separator is shown to strongly influence hydrocarbon dew point of export gas. There are potentially major consequences for the profitability of the operation. 

Liquid carry-over fundamentally impacts heat and material balances. Effects on downstream separator, heat exchanger and compressor unit operations are discussed. 

MySep | HYSYS Dynamic SImulation with MySep Engine Hydrocarbon Dew Point Modelling